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Checklist and Procedures

Here is a checklist with explanation to assist as a guide through the process of directing the officers of your chapter during the school year. Activity chapters will have their own schedules; the following is structured for recognition chapters which can have as few as two meetings per year, including the induction ceremony. They may have Spring & Fall inductions or even more frequently for non-traditional schools.


  1. Load current versions of forms, MORE
  2. File chapter reports: Annual Report & Financial Statement, as of 06/30 each year, MORE
  3. Determine your induction date – meet with Registrar – quantify eligible students, MORE
  4. Order student invitation kits – 4-8 weeks prior to induction, MORE
  5. Plan chapter invitation letter and any local chapter rules, MORE
  6. Collect member profile information, construct spreadsheet, MORE
  7. Order Memberships – 5 working days before induction – request a copy of the induction script, MORE
  8. Enjoy the ceremony, MORE


  1. First – replace any old forms with those from the current year by downloading them as needed. Many have been updated and the current versions are available on-line, at this web site FORMS. Please bookmark this page and use it often!
  2. If chapter reports haven’t been filed for the fiscal year ending 06/30, they are overdue after September 30th. Then the chapter may not place orders until the reports are filed and any outstanding accounts receivable items are paid. So, the first order of the day is to complete the reports and send them in. If you are new to the chapter or do not know your chapter’s status, send a query to CENTRAL OFFICE and introduce yourself!At the forms site, you’ll find the Annual Report and Financial Statement in downloadable Word.doc format. The preferred method of submission is to fax the signed form to: 708/221-6183. Or, snail-mail to Delta Mu Delta Honor Society, 3730 Grand Boulevard, Brookfield, IL 60513. Finally, send an email to and attach both forms [digital signatures desired]. Are your Chapter Bylaws available and dated after October, 2002? We need to be assured that you are inducting under the current National GPA rules. Go to FORMS and download the Chapter Standard Bylaws format. Save the file before filling in the blanks. Or, contact CENTRAL OFFICE and ask us to send you a PDF of your chapter’s bylaws on file [and approved by National]. If necessary, review it for any changes in what the chapter is doing. Just fill in the blanks, fax to 708/221-6183 or mail the signed copy to Central Office. We will respond within two business days.
  3. Timing of the induction – when you are identifying the number of eligible students with your Registrar, decide how the students will be invited. Be sure to include the data-entry forms with your invitation as well as the details of when/where and how payment is to be rendered to the chapter. Allow 3-8 weeks in advance of the induction ceremony depending on how you will correspond with the students. See the CHAPTER GUIDE for possibilities.To clarify the selection criteria as specified in the national bylaws [except that your chapter may have higher GPA’s to comply with the upper 20% rule] see the provided order of filters for a data query, CRITERIA.
  4. Order the Invitation materials as soon as quantities are known. It’s OK to be 10% higher than your defined needs. Use the Chapter Supply Order Form from FORMS.The first item on the order form is the Member Invitation Kits, followed by the individual parts if you do not wish to use the entire kit. Determine your number – be generous. Another available item on the form is DMD posters – they come in pairs – at no cost to a chapter in Good Standing. Then send us an email to and attach the supply order form.The complete Membership Invitation Packet includes:
    (a) a letter of invitation from the National President addressed to “Dear Student”
    (b) the Matter of Honor brochure from ACHS explaining what an Honor Society is, and
    (c) a Membership Benefits Flyer helping to explain why the student would wish to join.
    Plan to include a local letter or two – from you, the Dean, college president, whatever seems suitable. Spell out the fact that if they are applying, you need a check for $xx and the data entry profile form completed. The MDP, Membership Data Profile form is on the FORMS page as a printable file. Print the quantity you need.
  5. Timing – the next step is 5-10 working days prior to your induction ceremony when you should have a cut-off date for applications.On the same FORMS page is the Membership Order Form. Again, File > Save As, and make it your own. Specify the # of memberships that you are ordering and specify if any of them are Honorary or 2nd Recognition.If you must have rush delivery [5 working days is not a problem], specify the shipping for which the chapter will pay – 2nd day or overnight. Request a supply of free program covers, if you would like use our blanks. These are provided at no charge with membership orders.
  6. To be included with your order is the Membership Data Entry Spreadsheet, also found on the FORMS page. Again, File > Save As, and make your own. This is where the data is to assembled from the MDP’s that the students return with their checks. The MDP’s are retained by the chapter (indefinitely) along with a copy of the student’s proof of payment (one year).
  7. Submit the membership order – another email to Attach both the first page of the Membership Order Form [with or without honor cords, honor stoles and program covers ordered] AND the Excel spreadsheet with all the membership data. We require the profile information to process the order. An invoice will be included with the package you’ll receive – please process it for immediate payment to protect the chapter’s credit – due in 30 days.
  8. That’s the procedure in a thumbnail sketch. Many other links are available – to a sample induction script to the complete chapter guide, some of the forms contain a second page (Word doc) or a second sheet (Excel) to guide the usage. We want you to enjoy the process and we are here to help.

Thank you for all that you do to support our Society.


If you have questions, please e-mail us by clicking here