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These links are here to help you learn about the function, purpose, structure and history of Delta Mu Delta.

Please feel free to contact your Faculty Adviser, or us at Central Office, if you have any questions this site cannot answer.

  • How can we use the DMD logo?

    • Chapter use – The DMD Key logo may be used for Chapter matters, such as signage and identification. In all cases the ® Registered Mark should be displayed below the Key.
    • If the chapter chooses to create chapter apparel items such as shirts or caps, the words “Delta Mu Delta” with or without “Honor Society” may be used as well as the Greek letters for DMD.
    • Personal use – the DMD Key logo may not be used by individuals for personal purposes, such as on business cards or stationery. It is perfectly OK to state “member of Delta Mu Delta Honor Society” or something similar.
    • Central Office can provide fairly large files to provide high-resolution display and allow for cutting, depending upon your intended usage. They are available in both black & white as well as colored versions. For formal printing purposes, we can provide the exact PMS to specify to the printer.
  • How can we order supplies?

    Certain chapter supplies are supplied at no charge and come free with ground shipping. See the Chapter Supply Order Form for a list of those.

    Other chapter items are available at a subsidized price. They are intended to enhance the meaning of the induction ceremony and ground shipping is still provided at no charge.

    Finally, even more items are available on the eStore. Although still at reasonable prices, shipping charges will be added.

    If either the regular or special chapter supplies are needed overnight or second day, then the chapter will be charged for the shipping.

    Icon of DMD-Supply-Order-Form-2018 DMD-Supply-Order-Form-2018 (36.4 KB)
  • What should we use to invite students to membership?

    The construction of an invitation to join DMD varies greatly from campus to campus. For some chapters at smaller schools, the invitation is personally conveyed with some instructions and literature being handed to the potential inductee.

    At larger schools, particularly those with a substantial commuter population, the invitation is by direct mail or email.

    Central Office offers some free materials to assist – but the chapter still needs to provide some style of a cover letter from the Faculty Adviser, Dean or President of the school, that contains details such as when and where the induction will be held, how much it will cost, to whom payment should be sent, etc.

    Use the Chapter Supply Order Form to order either the complete “Invitation Kit” or just the items that you plan to use: (a) “Dear Student” letter from the national president, (b) DMD Information Card, (c) brochure, A Matter of Honor from the Association of College Honor Societies, and (d) the Benefits Flyer (also available on the Forms page).

    Icon of DMD-Supply-Order-Form-2018 DMD-Supply-Order-Form-2018 (36.4 KB)
  • What are the criteria for membership?

    This is mainly a matter for the Faculty Adviser and the Registrar, but it is necessary that the chapter officers be able to describe it to a students. The topic is sufficiently complex that we’ve created a separate page devoted to just this subject.


    The following is a guide to assist the Faculty Adviser and Registrar in qualifying students for membership while complying with National and Chapter Bylaws:

    The culling process for inviting students can be fairly complex for a given College or University.

    If a chapter inducts undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate students, the query should consist of separate steps for each: one for Juniors, one for Seniors, one for Graduate students and one for Doctorate students..

    1. Define the size of each class of business students. Juniors to Juniors, Seniors to Seniors, and those graduate and doctorate students who have completed one-half of the course work.
    2. Determine the cut-off GPA for each class to stay within their upper 20%.
    3. Eliminate any that might fall below the Society minimums of 3.25 for undergrads and 3.60 for graduate and doctoral students. Apply the GPA defined by the chapter’s bylaws, if higher than the Society minimums.
    4. Eliminate any with less than 24 hours {or equivalent} of residency.
    5. Eliminate any who are already DMD members.

    While this is comprehensive, it will be thorough.

    Your invitation letter can eliminate existing members with graceful wording. Or, the requested mailing labels could be manually culled to remove existing members. Ideally, the member’s school record has been tagged to identify DMD membership and the tag can be exempted during the selection.

    There can be exceptions to the residency requirement – where the transfer credits were earned at a school having a DMD chapter or which has 4-year ACBSP accreditation. This would likely have to be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • How can we get a new Faculty Adviser?

    Sometimes the students and/or officers wonder what to do when they discover that their Faculty Adviser left the campus over the summer, not to return, or suddenly goes on a medical leave. This is an excellent reason why it’s suggested that every chapter have a co-adviser.

    Although the Faculty Adviser is technically elected to that position by the chapter’s Board of Active Members (refer to your chapter and/or national bylaws) this cannot happen without the participation and support of the school’s administration. Go directly to the Dean and explain the situation and your needs. Enlist the support of the Chair of the business department, as well.

    The Faculty Adviser is the official representative of your chapter to the National Chapter, has the right to vote on national questions and is the main conduit of communications between this office and your campus. The chapter cannot function without an effective Faculty Adviser.

    As soon as a volunteer has been found, have that person get into immediate touch with Central Office via the button at the top of this page, introduce themselves and provide contact information. We’ll take it from there.

  • How can we get help running the chapter – The Chapter Guide

    A chapter can have two different “personalities” – (1) An Activities Chapter, or (2) A Recognition Chapter.

    Activities Chapter – this is somewhat difficult to describe since it varies greatly from campus to campus and even from year to year as the membership changes. The current officers, faculty adviser(s), and board of active members define the choices of what/how chapter will become involved and what campus/community/social efforts they will support.

    Recognition or Honors Chapter – this one is easier to define and the Chapter Guide was written to that end. Actually, an Activities Chapter does everything in the Guide and more!

    Icon of Chapter Guide Chapter Guide (82.6 KB)