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  • Delta Mu Delta keeps in touch with its members through occasional emails and by post. This form allows you to update your member information to keep us up to date with name, address, or contact detail changes. Membership information is shared with the faculty advisers at your chapter.
  • If known. Your membership number is shown on your membership certificate.
  • If known, please enter the year you joined.
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    Help us find your membership record by accurately completing as much information below as possible.
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  • Your college email address may be disabled shortly after you graduate. Please provide your permanent, personal email address.
  • You provided us a phone number when you joined for communication in case of an issue with your membership. If you wish this updated, please enter a current number.
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    This section is optional by allows us to better keep in touch with you with regard to networking events, chapter initiatives and society announcements that you may be interested in.
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