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This site contains a wealth of information aimed at making your tasks easier.  Choose to read the additional explanation below from which you can download, or directly select one of the buttons above.

New Faculty Adviser Contact Form

Complete this form and send to Central Office to introduce yourself. Besides adding you to our contact list for all chapter operations, we’ll record your shipping address and send you a Welcome Kit with some DMD gifts.

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Best Practices

These are items of interest that are contributed by other Faculty Advisers who have “neat ideas” they would like to share. Includes contact information if you would like to call them and ask questions.

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Checklist and Procedures

New or returning faculty advisers can often use a checklist of events leading up to an induction ceremony for new members. The checklist offers an abbreviated list and a longer explanation of each item. For an in-depth review, refer to the Chapter Guide. Click here to visit the checklist.

Induction Ritual

We are frequently asked to provide information on the form and substance of the induction ceremony for new members. This document was prepared to assist new chapter officers.

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Chapters in Good Standing can visit our online store to purchase merchandise, regalia, program covers and other chapter items for induction ceremonies from Award Concepts. Payment is due at time of purchase and can be paid via charge card online. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping. Visit


The “Shop DMD” button above is where each merchandise item can viewed and even ordered on-line with a choice of shipping. Even though chapter support items are available via the Chapter Supply Order form, those same items are pictured on-line. A credit card will be needed to order.

The Contact (No Longer in Publication)

Historical copies of this newsletter (before we had an FA web site) contain many items of continuing interest. It is filled with tips and insights for all chapter representatives and was designed specifically for communications with Faculty Advisers before we had the capability to broadcast similar information or include it here on this web site. Email us if you would like to see this media continued.

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This information consists of two parts:
1) The requirements for defining if a co-chapter is suitable in a specific instance.

A school may receive approval for one or more co-chapters. In order for a co-chapter to be approved at an institution, the business school must be able to demonstrate that:

  1. Each group of the institution that is seeking a co-chapter is a “unique” group. Students should not overlap from one program to another. An example of what would not qualify for a separate co-chapter would be individual majors where students take some courses or a CORE of courses in common. An example of what would qualify would be separate graduate and undergraduate chapters at the same institution. Another example would be different sites where all the courses are taken at that site.
  2. Each co-chapter will be considered a stand-alone chapter and will be administered as such, meaning that each co-chapter must meet all of the initial and ongoing requirements for the original DMD chartered chapter.
  3. All co-chapters must be able to meet the DMD educational standards that were in place for the original chartered chapter at that institution.*
  4. The program must report through the academic business program at the institution.

* For programs that are currently ACBSP accredited, regardless of when/how they were initially chartered, only programs that are currently accredited by ACBSP are eligible to apply for a co-chapter.

These guidelines should not be interpreted as implying that institutions must apply for separate co-chapters for unique groups. Rather this should be seen as an option for an institution to consider as it determines the best and most appropriate way to honor all of the outstanding business students at the institution.

2) The petitioning processed described. GO
3) The petition to be submitted. GO

Please contact your Regional Representative or Central Office before completing the petition.

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