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We are pleased to offer newly inducted US and Canadian members a one-year subscription to FORTUNE magazine.

FORTUNE is your guide to a rapidly changing world, by offering unique access to industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. FORTUNE provides you with the vital information you need to guide your success.

Access to their website is included with your subscription. Please allow 8-12 weeks after induction for shipment of the first issue. This offer is valid to new members, only. Visit


Ambition In Motion’s background is in establishing both Higher Ed Mentor Programs as well as Business Mentor Programs to help increase the engagement of members, grow the culture of an organization, and help people pursue fulfilling careers. They match people together for mentorship based on Work Orientation because they have identified that aligning Work Orientation is a critical factor for successful mentorship. They also provide structure to the mentor meetings to help ensure that the mentor relationships facilitated are successful. Learn more about the program…


Our online, exclusive member network, offers peer-to-peer communications plus functions as a DMD Job Board. If your profile is properly configured, you’ll receive invites to join professional and/or regional or school groups as well as see job opportunities from employers who wish to reach into our uniquely qualified members.