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FAQ: How do I decide which students are eligible?

Although you work with the Registrar’s office to obtain lists of students sorted by GPA, the amount of work can be greatly simplified if your administrative system supports some form of a query language. Still, it can be complex. Here is an example.


The following is a guide to assist the Faculty Adviser and Registrar in qualifying students for membership while complying with National and Chapter Bylaws:

The culling process for inviting students can be fairly complex for a given College or University.

If a chapter inducts undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate students, the query should consist of separate steps for each: one for Juniors, one for Seniors, one for Graduate students and one for Doctorate students..

  1. Define the size of each class of business students. Juniors to Juniors, Seniors to Seniors, and those graduate and doctorate students who have completed one-half of the course work.
  2. Determine the cut-off GPA for each class to stay within their upper 20%.
  3. Eliminate any that might fall below the Society minimums of 3.25 for undergrads and 3.60 for graduate and doctoral students. Apply the GPA defined by the chapter’s bylaws, if higher than the Society minimums.
  4. Eliminate any with less than 24 hours {or equivalent} of residency.
  5. Eliminate any who are already DMD members.

While this is comprehensive, it will be thorough.

Your invitation letter can eliminate existing members with graceful wording. Or, the requested mailing labels could be manually culled to remove existing members. Ideally, the member’s school record has been tagged to identify DMD membership and the tag can be exempted during the selection.

There can be exceptions to the residency requirement – where the transfer credits were earned at a school having a DMD chapter or which has 4-year ACBSP accreditation. This would likely have to be handled on a case-by-case basis.