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This section is designed to be of use to both new and “old” chapters.  Many of our chapters have nifty ideas and practices and we fully encourage sharing.  For simplicity, we have broken the subjects down by major areas and then provided a menu to each.  Note that each contributor has provided contact information so that you can ask questions and expand on the concept.

Available Topics


Any practice relating to the actual induction ceremony: on site, off site or even electronically – online!

1 - Any practice relating to the actual induction ceremony: on site, off site or even online!

TITLE Electronic Inductions
PURPOSE Provide tools and techniques for Faculty Advisers/chapters to deal with distance learning students and all other circumstances where candidates cannot attend the inductions ceremony.
SPECIFICS Contains the specific points that must be part of any induction ceremony while allowing for “remote” attendance.
CONTRIBUTOR Designed by the Chapter Relations Committee.
CONTACT Author, Dr. Chuck Fazzi


Many chapters are “recognition, only” so this section may not apply.
However, new chapter officers may want to consider becoming an Activities Chapter.

1 - Computer class taught at Senior Citizens Center

TITLE Computer class taught at Senior Citizens Center
PURPOSE To help senior citizens become more computer literate.
  • Requires coordination with center director to select a date and register seniors for the class.
  • Preparation time is minimal because students know the applications so well.
  • Popular classes – e-mail, searching the internet, creating Word documents.
CONTRIBUTOR Zeta Pi Chapter at LaGrange College
CONTACT Cindi Bearden

2 - Operation Christmas Child currently says Chile

TITLE Operation Christmas Child currently says Chile
PURPOSE To provide toys, educational items, and candy to underprivileged children around the world.
  • All of the information needed for the project is published on the website:
  • Publish requirements for the boxes on campus.
  • Establish a collection point.
  • Find a distribution center.
  • Deliver the boxes.
CONTRIBUTOR Zeta Pi Chapter at LaGrange College
CONTACT Cindi Bearden

3 - Suitcases for Kids

TITLE Suitcases for Kids
  • To provide foster children with luggage to carry when moving from one home to another.
  • To provide overnight articles (toiletries and required garments like socks, underwear and a T-shirt to sleep in).
  • To provide comfort items (soft blanket or stuffed animal) for children going into emergency overnight situations.
  • Locate a local foster child advocacy organization, group home, etc.
  • Publish request for new or used suitcases, toilet articles & comfort items.
  • Collect in a central location & deliver.
CONTRIBUTOR Zeta Pi Chapter at LaGrange College
CONTACT Cindi Bearden

Recruiting and Campus Publicity

Nearly all chapters (except those few already at 100%!) share the problem of enticing every eligible student to actually join. Here’s how some others have approached the issue.

1 - Advertise 'DMD Day' on campus to generate interest

TITLE Delta Mu Delta Day on your campus
PURPOSE To inform the campus about DMD; to build interest in the organization and recruit new members.  (Can also be used to inform students about scholarship applications.)
  • Requires coordination with the faculty adviser, current members and faculty.
  • Requires faculty and students to wear DMD shirts, hats or buttons.
  • Requires flyers or handouts about DMD.
  • Requires some kind of event (speaker or panel discussion, etc.)
CONTRIBUTOR Delta Kappa Chapter at University of St. Francis
CONTACT Sara Leone


Are you frustrated when you publish the Scholarship Posters and no one seems to apply? Share some ideas.

1 - Getting the best students to apply

TITLE Getting the “Best” Students to Apply
PURPOSE To get each faculty member in the College of Business to select and help the best students in their field (Accounting, Management, etc.) to apply to the DMD Scholarship Program.
  • Each faculty member in the business program selects a student whom they personally ask to submit an application.
  • The faculty member works with the student, Dean, Registrar, etc., until the application is sent.
  • (If you have 9 participating faculty in your college, you will have a minimum of 9 scholarship applications submitted.
CONTRIBUTOR Delta Kappa Chapter at University of St. Francis
CONTACT Sara Leone

National Publicity

Sure, has your chapter submitted an event or article? Here’s some other thoughts, including how to sell the Society on your campus and to your community…

1 - Why DMD on your campus? This could help sell the concept to administration.

TITLE Delta Mu Delta – Why on your campus
PURPOSE To assist in communicating the purpose and functions to your administration to elicit full support.
  • Delta Mu Delta is an Honor Society in Business Administration. Membership requirements have been established for both undergraduate and graduate students and the requirements fall within the guidelines of the Association of College Honor Societies, ACHS. Local chapters may choose to require higher GPA standards.
  • The organization is governed by the National Chapter, which is represented by the National Executive Council, composed of national officers and regional representatives. DMD regions conform to ACBSP geographical regions. Each region has a DMD representative who functions as the liaison between the Society and its local chapters.
  • To maintain their active status, local chapters must annually:
    Hold elections, electing a full complement of officers:
    Hold at least two meetings – one may be concurrent with inductions;
    Hold an induction ceremony;
    And fulfill all obligations to the National Chapter.
  • Within those parameters, a local chapter may choose to be service or activity orientated, or simply function as a recognition honor society – depending on the needs and demographics of their student membership. Your chapter has the opportunity to identify and create the type, direction and focus of the chapter to meet the identified needs of your student population.
  • Because DMD has nearly 200 active chapters and over 130,000 members and alumni in nearly every state, territory and most countries throughout the world, it has an international presence. DMD chapters have been formed within fully accredited private and public colleges and universities throughout the United States and is about to include those in Region 8, International. DMD has been a member of ACHS since 1963 – an organization of nearly 70 international honor societies whose objective is to maintain high standards for the recognition and promotion of academic excellence in higher education.
  • The variety and diversity of our DMD chapters would suggest that the local chapters have been and are successful in meeting the needs of the various student groups which comprise our Society membership. While many schools conduct online courses, none are exclusively so. We have chapters conducting online meetings and online inductions. Our Central Office has many online aspects which can and are being utilized by our chapters, members and friends.
  • If your institution has created strategic plans/missions/goals, it is our belief that your chapter has a window of opportunity to identify and implement the identified focus and student needs you have defined for your institution within the broad parameters of the DMD umbrella organization. Each local chapter has a great deal of freedom and flexibility to determine their unique activities and emphasis. Please remember the many benefits that DMD receive from their lifetime membership: recognition for academic excellence; national scholarships available to your entire body of business students; local chapter and faculty awards presented by the national organization; fulfillment of enhanced entrance requirements for federal service; and, the opportunity to join an elite group of honor society members.
  • The student always wins in this situation, but they must have the opportunity that only membership in DMD provides. At their own chapter installation, the President of Cardinal Stritch said it very well: “We are doing this for our students. They deserve an organization to recognize their superior academic performance.”
  • Excerpted from a letter from Dr. Terry Mendenhall to Dr. Marie Gould, current Faculty Adviser at Pierce College.
CONTRIBUTOR Chi Chapter at Pittsburg State University
CONTACT Dr. Terry Mendenhall (retired)

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