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Many services are presently available, both at the Society and chapter level.


On each page are links to our Facebook and LinkedIN community for members only. Peer-to-peer networking and job opportunities are available here.

We offer a wide range of DMD apparel, graduation regalia and permanent mounting of your certificates all with the DMD logo, through our 3rd party vendors. To view our offerings visit our Store.

Professional affiliations – our list demonstrates relationships with international organizations that lend credence to the significance of DMD membership to employers and peers.

Commercial affiliations – DMD strives to create relationships with business affiliates that provide benefits to our members as well as to the Society in general.


Chapters have very individual characters.  Some stress serving the students currently enrolled and some focus more on their alumni.  You will have to visit your chapter’s local web site or the web site of the chapter closest to where you live or work.  See the US Map top right “DMD Chapters” to discover who is geographically closest to you.

Should say Some chapters have regular professional meetings while others provide reference letters to employers.

Each chapter is unique, their level of activity varies depending on their current leadership. To discover if the chapter is the right fit for you, we encourage you to contact the Faculty Adviser to explore the opportunities the chapter offers.

Please feel free to contact us at Central Office if you have any questions not addressed here.