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Running the Chapter

Part of the challenge is to attract and retain students who are actually willing to serve their chapter – and then to keep them motivated.

An essential part of the induction ceremony for an incoming member is taking the oath to serve the Society and to support “those who follow me.” Taken seriously, this means a sense of responsibility to insure continuity for the next group of students. When a student seeks to add an officer position to his/her resume, it is important that they understand each position carries a responsibility.

Some suggestions for roles that have worked for other faculty advisers – certainly not the only way to get the job done!

President – assists with keeping the officers motivated; with conforming to whatever schedule is appropriate for chapter operation; with assuring that each graduating officer find a suitable junior to serve in their position next year.

Vice President – usually assigned to function as the chair of any chapter activities – at least the induction ceremony.

Treasurer – keeps track of the incoming memberships; retains copies of new-member payments; assures prompt payment to Central Office for all items ordered; completes the chapter’s Financial Statement before leaving the campus in Spring.

Secretary – keeps track of the chapter’s records; creates & retains minutes of meetings; retains copies of membership profile forms; handles chapter correspondence; completes the Annual Report for the chapter before leaving the campus in Spring.

Faculty Adviser – works with the school’s administration; attests to the eligibility of memberships ordered from National; monitors the chapter for compliance to their bylaws; is the conduit of communications with Central Office.

None of the above needs to be placed into the chapter bylaws. But, it would be useful to have a procedures handbook or operations manual with officer positions and duties described.

It is possible for an administrative support staffer to serve as a chapter officer. For some chapters, the faculty adviser also serves as the chapter treasurer.

It is ideal if the department or business school secretary is assigned to assist the faculty adviser when backing up the chapter officers.