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As a faculty adviser this page will be your “GO TO” page, take a moment now to bookmark it now for ease of reference.

Special items to note

1) When submitting orders, if you do not receive a response from Central Office within two business days please call our office so that we can work together to expedite the order.

2) All membership orders will be shipped with an invoice included in your package. An email will be sent to you shortly after the shipment has been processed providing you a tracking number and a copy of the invoice. If you DO NOT receive this email call Central Office.

3) All payments are due within 30 days.

Membership Order Form

This is the required form for ordering DMD membership certificates for the $70 lifetime membership fee. (Gold key and other materials are included with each Membership Kit.) It must be authorized by a Faculty Adviser although it may be submitted by a chapter officer or department secretary IF with a ‘cc’ to the Faculty Adviser of record.

The membership order must be accompanied by the Membership Data Entry Spreadsheet below.

At the same time as regular memberships are ordered, you may include honorary memberships, 2nd recognition or duplicate certificates, honor cords, stoles & medallions.

Please contact Dorothy ad, or call 708/485-8494, to get your chapter setup in our online membership system.

Membership Data Profile (MDP) Form

This form is to be included with the invitation to the students and used to gather information for membership and determine how they wish their name to be printed on their certificate. It also informs the inductee about the Fortune magazine subscription and collects optional demographic data and a key privacy identifier.

This signed form should be retained by the chapter as part of its permanent file of source membership records and for Fortune circulation verification. Evidence of membership payment should be retained for one year in the event of a circulation audit.

An order consists of a two-attachment email to Central Office which includes the Membership Order Form and the Membership Data Entry Spreadsheet [below]. Expect a reply within two business days. If a reply is not received, re-send the email with RETRANSMIT on the subject line.

To send the Link to your students, copy & paste this URL:

The MDP form is for chapter use only, please DO NOT send to Central Office.

Icon of MDP2019 MDP2019 (631.2 KB)

Please stress that a Permanent email address is important to stay in touch beyond graduation.

Membership Data Entry Spreadsheet

The Membership Data Entry Spreadsheet is the first of the two documents that you will need in order to properly place your membership order.

Using the MDP forms you received from your newest members will allow for ease when completing this form. Please take a moment to read the instructions (tab 1) fully before completing the data portion (tab 2) of the form.  NOTE: All fields must be completed in order to allow for the order to process in an efficient manner, failure to do so will result in a delay beyond our control. What is placed on this spreadsheet is what will be printed on the certificate, please review all information before submission.

The information provided on this document is used to create the membership certificate and submitted to our Member Benefit partners for distribution of their programs materials.  Delta Mu Delta DOES NOT sell our members information.

When you are ready to submit your order please send both the Membership Order Form and the Membership Data Entry Spreadsheet.

Icon of MembershipDataEntryInputForm 2023 MembershipDataEntryInputForm 2023 (120.3 KB)

Chapter Supplies

Chapters in Good Standing can visit our online store to purchase merchandise, regalia, program covers and other chapter items for induction ceremonies from Award Concepts. Payment is due at time of purchase and can be paid via charge card online. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping. Visit

Annual Report Form

The Chapter’s Annual Report to the Governing Chapter is due into the Central Office by September 30th of each year. Timely submission is important to protect the credit and Good Standing of a chapter as well as to report to IRS. Early filing (July 15th) is one qualification for Star Chapter.

Icon of Chapter-Annual-Report-22-23 Chapter-Annual-Report-22-23 (30.0 KB) — 2022-2023

Icon of Chapter-Annual-Report-23-24 Chapter-Annual-Report-23-24 (30.3 KB) — 2023-2024

Financial Statement

This is the DMD Income and Expenses Report that is due in the Central Office by September 30th of each year. Timely submission is important to protect the credit and Good Standing of a chapter and its 501(c)(3) exemption. Early filing (July 15th) is one qualification for Star Chapter.

Icon of Chapter-Financial-Statement-22-23 Chapter-Financial-Statement-22-23 (37.5 KB) — 2022-2023

Icon of Chapter-Financial-Statement-23-24 Chapter-Financial-Statement-23-24 (37.6 KB) — 2023-2024

Induction Ritual

This document details the form and substance for a standard induction ceremony for new Chapter members. A few copies can be ordered on the Membership Form. The Chapter Guide presents a great deal of additional detail to the annual ceremony.

Icon of Induction Ritual Induction Ritual (23.3 KB)

Faculty Adviser Contact Form

Complete this form and send to Central Office to introduce yourself. Besides adding you to our contact list for all chapter operations, we’ll record your shipping address and send you a Welcome Kit with some DMD gifts.

Icon of FA Contact Form FA Contact Form (467.2 KB)

DMD Poster

Download, fill in your contact information and print this marketing poster.  The pdf opens with Adobe Reader.  It prints on a legal (8.5 x 14 inch) size sheet.

Icon of DMD Poster DMD Poster (315.8 KB)

Chapter Bylaws

The standard template for chapter bylaws.

Changes, modifications and fill-ins should be signed by the Faculty Adviser and Chapter Secretary. (For a new chapter, the Dean and proposed Faculty Adviser will sign.) Then fax/email a copy to Central Office for acceptance on behalf of the Board of Directors where it will be kept on file permanently. If a chapter misplaces its copy of chapter bylaws, request a copy from Central Office. New or revised chapter’s versions must now be dated on/after June 23, 2011.

Icon of Chapter Standard Bylaws Template Chapter Standard Bylaws Template (63.5 KB)

Chapter Officer 'Thank You' - Sample Letter

Sample letter of thanks to a chapter officer for service rendered. This use of the Society President’s signature is authorized. Customize the letter to suit. Ideally, printed onto the Word template of stationery if actual letterhead is not available.

Icon of Letter To Officers-Sample Letter To Officers-Sample (109.1 KB)

Sample Invitation Letter

Sample letter of invitation from the chapter to the eligible students. Since induction ceremonies, activities procedures and dues vary widely from chapter to chapter, this letter should be customized for actual practices on your campus.

Icon of Sample Eligible Student Invitation Letter Sample Eligible Student Invitation Letter (22.0 KB)

President's Invitation Letter

Sample letter available to order quantities (no charge for UPS ground) from Central Office. Only used by a fraction of the chapters since most prefer to write their own.

Icon of President Invitation Letter President Invitation Letter (992.1 KB)

Program Cover

We would prefer to ship you this form, which is free on the Membership Order Form, whenever you order memberships. However, sometimes we all get caught in a time crunch, so this print file is provided here. Our recommendation is to use your copy of Acrobat to center this graphic file on 24-pound paper for a color printer.

Icon of ProgramCover ProgramCover (27.0 KB)

Tapping Ceremony

Some chapters have an annual tapping ceremony as part of their official invitation to membership. A sample ceremony is shown here.

Icon of Tapping Ceremony Tapping Ceremony (18.2 KB)


DMD Letterhead, in the form of a Word document template, can be a useful item for electronic communications – as email attachments or as a fax form. Be sure to do a File,sAveas to a .DOT file. Personalize it with your chapter, school and individual identity.

Icon of DMD-Letterhead, Color Template DMD-Letterhead, Color Template (601.1 KB)

NEW! Benefits and Information Brochure

This new brochure has been added to both the Invitation Kit and the Membership Kit.  Order them using the Supply Order Form above.  You need not order the entire invitation kit if you would like to use these brochures with other invitation materials you’ve prepared.  We’ve enlarged each side to 8 1/2 by 11 inches as a small poster version.  We encourage you to print these and post them in your office, on your door, in classrooms and other places business students gather.

Icon of About Delta Mu Delta About Delta Mu Delta (472.3 KB)

501(c)(3) Tax Letter

This is the tax letter, issued by IRS in 1973, that controls the umbrella over all chapters. Because of our group exemption, individual chapters report to Central Office who files a 990-N for each chapter, unless the chapter income exceeded $25,000 – which became $50,000 after 07/01/2010.

Icon of IRS-Taxletter IRS-Taxletter (125.7 KB)