Online Induction System
Update Your Information

Welcome to a New Faculty Adviser

Thank you for accepting the position of chapter Faculty Adviser. We will endeavor to make the process as easy as possible.

And thank you for sending us your contact information. We have added you to our data base and our contact list.

A Faculty Adviser’s Certificate and a Letter of Appointment within a Welcome Kit will be sent to you shortly.

The faculty adviser is the conduit between the Governing Chapter (represented by Central Office) and your institution.  You may be the voting representative at our Society Conferences and the first point of communication with Central Office.  Our welcome letter will remind you of the Regional Representative for your school.  This person sits on our Board and votes on all Society issues.

If not a new chapter, then first and foremost, did you receive custody of the chapter’s past records, or do you know who has them?  This is very important for continuity of operation.

Second, do you have access to the chapter’s funds?  Whether at a school account or a separate institution account, please determine if the balance is consistent with chapter records.

If a new chapter, then you will be receiving the FEIN assigned by IRS to your chapter along with a Letter of Authority to assist in opening financial accounts. A bank will require your personal ID plus our Letter of Appointment and our Letter of Authority package. Call Central Office if you need any/all of this.

If an existing chapter, ask Central Office for the status of the chapter – is it in arrears for reports, monies, or bylaws?  We will be happy to research and report our findings to you.  Receipt of reports and payment of monies is necessary to keep the chapter in Good Standing.  Otherwise, no orders can be accepted nor credit extended to the chapter.

Ask various sources (prior/current chapter officers, department and/or dean’s support staffers) “Does the chapter usually conduct a Fall induction, Spring induction, both, or is it on a non-traditional schedule.”  Central Office can help with prior practice.

You have found this site.  Bookmark it and use it as a primary resource. To avoid spamming, place in your address book.   Put our toll-free number in your Rolodex (see Contact Us, above) and note our hours of availability in reference to your time zone.

To familiarize yourself with the calendar year of a Faculty Adviser, please read our Checklist and Procedures so you will know exactly what process you are expected to oversee. Also review the entire list of questions in the FAQ to see what issues might be answered immediately.

Are there DMD posters visible in the business school?  They are free on the Chapter Supply Order Form.  Is there a significant awareness of the honor implied in joining the Society?  Let us help through discussions.

If you are not already a DMD member, you must include yourself as an Honorary member at the next chapters induction ceremony.

Consult the Chapter Guide for additional details.