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UOPX San Diego and the Mira Mesa High School’s Marauder Coffee Nook

Mira Mesa Students Talk About Their Project
For the story, please see the 2014-15 Issue of the Vision, ONLINE

Three groups of Mira Mesa students are involved in the Coffee Nook project made possible by the DMD chapter at UOPX San Diego: The Food and Nutrition Club, The Event Marketing Class and the Event Planning Club.

Student Participants in the Marauder Coffee Nook ProjectParticipants from the Food and Nutrition Club told of the impact on their personal and work lives.

The Foods and Nutrition Club teaches me life skills such as commitment because often times we need to stay after school for long periods to finish recipes for events. I have also learned sanitation skills, customer service and respect working in group situations.

Another student comments on the impact on health.

I have learned to eat healthy foods while cooking different cuisines. I believe this program is perfect for …young adults to learn how to cook and eat a healthy diet…

The Event Marketing Class and the Event Planning Club participants spoke more about the relevance of the experience to the plans they have for post-high school.

…learning how to plan events, budgeting, marketing, running a small business and putting together a business plan by actually putting it into practice every day on a small but realistic scale is an important experience.

From the club president comes this assessment:

The class and club have equipped me to be organized and creative, great skills to have in my future as an event planner. I hope to major in hospitality in college and one day own my own agency for event planners in Los Angeles. The skills I am learning now are the foundation of that dream coming true.

The student and faculty participants are grateful for the $500 grant from Lambda Sigma Chapter at San Diego that helps provide the program.


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