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B. Timothy Allport

xAllportB. Timothy Allport,  Professor, Retired.

Mercy College.  BA, University of Bridgeport; MBA, University of Pennsylvania; MS, New York University.  Professor of Management, Mercy College, since 1984.  Served Mercy College in several administrative positions including Assist. Dept Chairman, member of Dept Exec Committee, member of Faculty Senate, and member of Faculty Association.  Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at Concordia College.  Professional Tutor in high school mathematics.  Previously held a variety of managerial positions in major corporations in New York City.  Has served as DMD Faculty Adviser at Mercy College for over 22 years, served on the DMD Board as Region 1 Rep, member of the Oversight Committee, and the Public Information & Editorial Review Committee. Previously served two terms as a Scholarship Judge.  Left the Board in ’09, having served a full term as Vice President.   Instrumental in assisting Mercy College to receive a Mellon Grant to develop a student mentoring program using Delta Mu Delta graduates as mentors to current students.


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