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MidAmerica Nazarene University’s Induction Ceremony 2016

This year the Epsilon Theta chapter of Delta Mu Delta inducted 9 students. The ceremony was held at Zios Italian Restaurant and 20 people attended.


Left to right front row:  Rebecca Hart, Madison McKay, Krista Joersz, and Alyssa Calhoun

Second row: Dr. Yorton Clark, Kensi Kitsmiller, Professor and DMD faculty sponsor Lisa Wallentine, Kalyn Pfaff, Dean of the School of Business Jamie Myrtle, Dr. Mike Gough, Professor Lynne Erickson

Row three: Dr. Dave Wegley, Jonathan Babcock, Felipe De Abreu, David Nelson, Peyton Kuhn, Alvaro Beltran, Professor Jack Jones


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