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Member Affiliations

We have affiliated with Bloomberg Businessweek to offer newly inducted members a one-year, non-deductible, subscription (50 issues valued at $5) as part of your membership fee.  This one-year subscription is in printed form for U.S.& Canadian subscribers and as a digital version outside North America.  Either version gives you business analysis and insight you won’t find anywhere else.  Bloomberg Businessweek publishes three double issues and one expanded special issue annually. The double and expanded issues count as two subscription issues each.

Please allow 4-6 weeks after induction for shipment of the first issue.  Access to their website is included with your paid subscription.  This offer is valid to new members, only.  Visit Bloomberg Businessweek.


We can offer a professionally discounted subscription for our existing members.  The Bloomberg Businessweek web site offers a multitude of public information and private benefits and we wish to make them available to all in our Society.  Subscribe at profession discounts.

Facebook and LinkedIN

Our online, exclusive member network, offers peer-to-peer communications plus functions as a DMD Job Board.  If your profile is properly configured, you’ll receive invites to join professional and/or regional or school groups as well as see job opportunities from employers who wish to reach into our uniquely qualified members.