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Michael V. LaRocco

XMikeMichael V. LaRocco   Professor Emeritus, Retired.

BS in Commerce, MBA, DePaul University; DBA in Business Administration – Nova Southeastern University.  Past Dean of the College of Business and Health Administration at the University of St. Francis, (USF) and founder of the University Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Science in Management programs.  He had been teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for over 30 years.  He was the first teacher at USF to teach online classes.   Michael has extensive business experience at both the domestic and international levels.  He has worked for such companies as Midas International Corp, The Leggett Group and Hy-Gain de Puerto Rico.  His consulting and research clients include British Petroleum Chemicals, Amoco Medical, Wm Wrigley Corp. and the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Previously served as DMD President, Vice President Extension & Development, he has also held positions as Treasurer, Member at Large to the National Executive Council, Scholarship Judge, and is the founding Faculty Adviser of the Delta Kappa Chapter, USF, 1984, and member of the Eta Chapter, DePaul University.

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