Online Induction System
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Online Induction System (OIS)

This is not an invitation to join a fraternity or sorority – for an honor society only the cream of the cream of the business students are invited to join. You have been qualified by your DMD Chapter and invited to connect to this page to join our international honor society in business. If that’s not the case, you will be unable to complete the following steps.


You will be asked to provide the Invite ID given to you in the invitation sent by your DMD Faculty Adviser. This key must be matched to proceed.


You will be asked to take the Delta Mu Delta Pledge

I solemnly affirm to those who have preceded me

That I will serve the Society to the best of my ability;

That I will observe the Society Bylaws (pdf version)

And provide counsel and aid for my fellow members.

In accepting membership into Delta Mu Delta

International Honor Society in Business,

I acknowledge the distinct honor that has been bestowed upon me.

This pledge is evidence of my commitment to your fellowship.


Within the Pledge is a reference to observance of the Society bylaws. If you would like, preview the Society Bylaws (pdf version). You must agree to the Pledge prior to being presented with the Application Form.

The membership costs of your chapter were described in your invitation. Shipping and handling and taxes (where applicable) will be added based on the selections you make for speed and your destination. International Shipments may also incur an additional charge. The total costs will then be presented, and if accepted, submitted to for a payment via a charge card.

If you are ready to proceed, click here