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FAQ: Purchase Orders

All chapters in Good Standing, have an open 30-day account with Central Office.  When you send in a Membership Order Form along with the matching Member Data Profile Spread Sheet, we process the order within a few business days (often one day, except in Spring).

When we ship your order, an email will be sent to you with the contents and tracking information, and an invoice will be attached.  Hold onto the invoice until you can verify receipt of the order.

So, when you have constructed your order, send it to us. Then, complete a P.O. request to your own administration and specify that the PO be sent back to you – not to us.  Don’t wait for the PO to send your order on our forms.

When you receive our order compare the PO to what is received and perform the function of Receiving for your institution: (a) indicate that the order materials were received, and (b) send our invoice and your copy of the PO to Accounts Payable.

Payment options are explained here. Link.

To repeat: save much processing time in both directions and do not wait for the PO to come to you before sending the order to us.

As always, if you have any questions, just call Central Office.