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FAQ: What are the contents of Membership Invitation Kits?

A full kit consists of a “Dear Student” letter from the National President; a copy of the Matter of Honor brochure from ACHS, the Association of College Honor Societies, explaining what an international honor society is about; a benefits flyer; and a two-sided, 9×4, DMD information card that explains the Delta Mu Delta Honor Society.

Invitation Kits may be ordered complete, or its individual parts on the Supply Order form. There is no need to obtain an exact quantity – round up and be liberal – there is no charge for Invitation Kits.

If you order the Invitation Kit, it will come with thisĀ Cover Letter to help explain the contents.

Detailed in the cover letter is:

  • Contents of the Invitation Kit
  • Contents of the entire invitation package as you send it to each student, and
  • Contents of each Membership Kit when you receive your membership order.

This should complete the picture EXCEPT that your online (or physical) invitation to the student must include the Membership Data Profile form, MDP, so that you receive complete information along with the student’s payment. You can find the MDP Form here.

If your Induction Ceremony is online, then you may want to send the complete PDF or just the URL to the complete PDF.

Each of these items can be ordered individually if the chapter wishes to assemble their own invitation packet.

Further, the brochure, info card and benefits flyer will also be included in the Member Kit since not all chapters order these items.

Note: A chapter must include other items if the invitation is to be mailed to eligible students. A letter from the Dean, Department Chair, and/or the Faculty Adviser adds the personal touch and should include details of the local requirements, the amount of payment, and the time and place of the induction ceremony. Also included should be a copy of theĀ Membership Data Profile Form for the student to complete and return with their payment.

All is explained in greater detail in the Chapter Guide.