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Three DMD Members Win AICPA Award

Wesley Long
Caleb Harris

Caleb Harris

When the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants announced Elijah Watt Sells Award recipients for 2013, three Delta Mu Delta members were among the winners:  Bradley Canino, LeMoyne College; Caleb Harris, Southwest Baptist University; and Wesley Long, LaGrange College.

The Sells winners earned the award by scoring over 95% on each of the parts of the CPA exam.  Of the more than 94,000 accountants who took the exam in 2013, only 55 scored well enough to earn the award.  When we congratulated the three and asked them what helped them master the material well enough to earn the award, all mentioned their professors as key to their achievement.  Harris and Long mentioned the importance of taking a review course as they familiarized themselves with the material tested as well as the structure of the exam.  Both mentioned that the review also helped develop a good study plan.  Harris also credited the support of his classmates, friends and professors who helped him balance the demands of a challenging year.

We congratulate all who passed the exam, and are especially proud of the DMD members who earned this award.


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